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Have you ever felt that you are in a place, that although it’s good, and you are doing okay, you just KNOW it’s not where you’re supposed to be? Not what you were designed for? It’s not your destiny?

Frustrating isn’t it? And all the while the clock is ticking, time is passing, you’re getting older, and STILL you have that feeling.

What are you to do? Surely you can figure it out. You’re smart. You’ve got a good handle on life, so why can’t you figure it out? Why is it that although you can see clearly what you are NOT supposed to be doing, you have no idea what you ARE destined to do?

What if there were a simpler, more direct way of knowing what you should be doing with your life that required nothing more than for you to pay attention to just TWO things as you go about your daily routine?

These are those two things…


Thinking isn’t the answer. If it was, you would have found the solution a long time ago. So, avoid spending your time trying to come up with the answer. Just pay attention to what and who shows up in your life with monotonous regularity.

The longer you pay attention the easier it becomes to identify what you should be doing. This is because it has been showing up in your life, most likely for years.

However, you’ve been either setting it aside or dismissing it, because you cannot see how it can be done, how it can make enough money, or maybe you don’t have the experience for it.

For example:

  • When you’re on social media, what stories are you drawn to? What do you read the most? What do you comment on the most?

  • What about TV? When you’re scrolling the channels, which ones do you stop at the most, go back to the most, and watch the most?

  • If you go to a bookstore, what sections do you visit the most? What books do you reach out for the most? What books do you read the most?

  • When you meet people, either in person or over the internet, what topics of conversation do you find the most engaging?

  • What interviews do you enjoy the most on YouTube? What Podcasts do you find that you relate to the most?

If you pay attention, you’ll see a pattern emerge about what and who you resonate with. You’ll soon identify what it is that draws your attention. You’ll notice what intrigues, fascinates, or inspires you.

Start taking notes about what continues to show up in your life that you can relate to, or what you keep coming back to.

The penny will drop that these same things have been showing up for years. They have been knocking on your door for a LONG time!

Make a list of all the topics that show up in your life on a regular basis. Put the most compelling at the top. These are the ones that are knocking at your door AND ringing your bell.

Maybe it’s TIME – time to let them in.

Which brings us to….


Next, seek clarity. How do you feel about those topics that show up with regularity?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it about (topic) that gets to me?

  • Why does it get to me?

  • How long has it been getting to me? (Much longer than you thought, right?)

  • If I got fully engaged in THAT, how would that make me feel?

  • What action can I take RIGHT NOW that would move me closer to that feeling? DO IT! …and do it immediately. Make that call, write that email, and search on YouTube or Google. Join a forum of like-minded people. Take a step forward, and it will move a step closer to you.

What about the people you meet, engage with, or listen to?

  • Notice how you feel about your connection with them. If possible, tell them how you feel about that interaction. Ask if you can talk further.

  • Find out what it is that draws you, intrigues you, or makes listening or engaging with them so compelling. Write it down and see what pattern emerges from your feelings.

Then, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it about (Name) that makes me feel good?

  • What is it about (Name) that inspires me?

  • Why does it make me feel that way?

  • What action can I take RIGHT NOW that would move me towards feeling that way all the time? DO IT!  …and do it NOW. Don’t wait. Act immediately on things that make you feel good if you want to live a fulfilling and compelling life.

You may have a lengthy list of things that move you. But you will soon see that certain items draw more of your attention than others.

Those are the ones you should follow up on first. Action is key. Why? Because INACTION has been your default for a very long time on some of these most compelling topics, hasn’t it?

Time to Change All That and Change It TODAY

If you want to cut the fluff, wasted time, and wasted energy from your life, AND the people who suck the life out of you, repeat this exercise often.

Take action often and you will soon find that everything you think, do, and say will become part of a whole new you.

A YOU that has the most fulfilling and compelling life imaginable! And along with it will come time you never thought you had and money you never thought you would earn to LIVE IT!

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  • I really like and appreciate your post. Really thank you! Keep writing. Tommie Detten

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